Fotografía: ©Martin Broen

TAE Nature develops programs and provides access to digital resources to spark people's interest in biodiversity and its importance in daily life. We also promote participation in wildlife conservation.


Sal a Pajarear (go birdwatch) helps children explore their local ecosystem with the help of an older guide, using observation and an atlas to recognize and study the many birds. The youngsters enjoy learning about animals and the environment, as well as developing social-emotional skills through interactions with other youngsters.

Fotografía: ©Martin Broen


TAE collaborates on this effort to safeguard and preserve Yucatan's cenotes. The health of these unique places becomes a tool for biodiversity conservation on the Peninsula when water quality in cenotes is monitored by communities.

Our partners are Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte, and Fundación Claudia y Roberto Hernández.