The DIA Institute (certified by the Secretariat of Public Education/SEP) is our higher education center. Educational leaders and those interested in teaching in an innovative fashion can benefit from our graduate specialty program, “Pedagogical Mediation on Linguistic Development”, and in our diverse certified courses.

We also design tailored educational and training programs following the Dia Methodology. Those programs aim to promote participatory learning and socio-emotional development among the members of businesses, educational organizations, cultural institutions, and communities.


To become a DIA school, a school must show remarkable proficiency in our mediation methodology. We give a learning path, and if the outcomes are consistent with our educational model, we certify the schools with our quality seal, assuring that they are properly prepared to continue and improve the mediation approach among their peers.


We see participative learning as a way of enhancing intelligence. Our programs and courses for educators and educational leaders are based on creative techniques that draw inspiration from the development of intellect through art and creativity. We offer a space to shift learning dynamics and classroom climate, promoting integral development.


DIA Community is a digital space for personal and professional growth in educational innovation both in the classroom and throughout the school ecosystem. Educators gather here to talk, share experiences and expertise, and inspire one another. They can also work together on projects that benefit their students.