Claudia Madrazo founded TAE (Transformation Through Art and Education) in 2005 as an organization to create and implement initiatives centered on social issues. We employ education, the arts, and nature conservation to foster self-awareness and creative thinking for personal and collective well-being.

TAE takes the Yucatan Peninsula as a creative and expansive campus that inspires the co-creation of art-integrated projects in everyday life, as well as initiatives of local and global significance.

"We understand art as a discipline that refines the awareness of ethical and aesthetic forms beyond artistic objects and artistic expressions"

Claudia Madrazo

TAE develops education programs specifically designed to meet the needs of educators and educational leaders seeking innovative teaching methods.

"Education is now calling on educators to respond in an innovative, sensitive, and humane way to the social, technological, and ecological challenges we are facing.”

The natural world is life's milieu. Awareness and consciousness of our interactions with other living beings are crucial for changing the course of environmental degradation and restoring the life systems that sustain our world.